SAFE Bikes is San Francisco's voluntary bicycle  program  out of Safe (Safety Awareness for everyone) in partnership with the San francisco Police department. 

SAFE Bikes was developed by the Park Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) and SAFE in cooperation with the SFPD to educate bicycle owners about effective locking techniques, deter bicycle theft and recover stolen bicycles. Attend our upcoming bicycle theft prevention workshops and explore the important bicycle prevention safety tips. 

LOCK - Learn how to effectively lock your bicycle 
PROTECT - Protect your ride from being stolen with our important resources
REGISTER - Safeguard your bicycle by registering with your serial number and photo 

SAFE (Safety Awareness for Everyone) is a non-profit organization that guides residents, business owners, and community members to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Through our partnership with SFPD, we engage and empower people to take an active role in problem-solving and working together to create safe, vibrant neighborhoods. 

​To request SAFE's services such as Neighborhood Watch, Safety Presentations, Residential Security Assessments, Business Security or other services please visit our website

statistics  based upon the 2103 city and and county sand francisco budget and legislative analyst office policy analysis report (may 24, 2013)  Policy Analysis Report - 2013