SAFE Bikes Recommended Locking technique 

  • Secure rear wheel with small, hardened steel U-lock inside the rear triangle 
  • Make sure u-lock is secured to an immovable object
  • Secondary metal lock (cable or another U-lock) placed on front wheel 
  • Replace quick release skewers with keyed locking skewers to ensure wheels and saddles are locked to frame. 
  • This is only one of many locking methods. None are 100% guaranteed.  


  1. 1. File a police report online or call 415-553-0123 and register your bicycle as stolen in the description field. 
  2. 2. Follow all steps here to increase your chances of getting your bicycle returned.
  3. 3. Check out the bicycles recovered from the SFPD. Is this your bicycle?  
  4. 4. Check the Stolen Bicycle Registry for your stolen bicycle. 

How to lock your bike video