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Our Mission

SAFE Bikes is partnering with organizations, bicycle shops and companies across the city to hold bicycle theft workshops throughout the year. Come join us at our events! 

SAFE Bikes is a program of San Francisco SAFE (Safety Awareness for Everyone) in partnership with the San Francisco Police Department providing a registration database & bicycle theft prevention education. 

Learn how to lock your bicycle effectively following the approved locking techniques recommended by the San Francisco Police Department.  


San Francisco Police Department 

MOre Resources 

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition 

Park Police station - & sfpd Bike theft Unit 


safe bikes materials 

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Bicycle stolen? 

  1. 1. File a police report at your local district station (can possibly speed up the investigation by going in person)  Or       file online or call 415-553-0123 and register your bicycle as stolen in the description field. 
  2. 2. Follow all steps here to increase your chances of getting your bicycle returned.
  3. 3. Check out the bicycles recovered from the SFPD. Is this your bicycle?  
  4. 4. Search your serial number of your bike at Bike Index

Bicycle Stolen? Check out the in-depth list of bicycle recovery tips

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save the date - february 25, 2015  
safe bikes anniversary party 
111 Minna art gallery 
6:30 - 8:30 pm 

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